“Your lead, Our story” campaign launch

By Sheng Lee (@shengdanger)

This year for Homecoming 2011, the Journalism Department is trying something new! To connect and strengthen relations with the department’s alumni, Dr. Sara Hansen and the social media team has asked more than 500 alumni to share their success stories with us.

Through a campaign titled “Your lead, Our story,” we asked alumni to tell us in two to three sentences how the Journalism Department impacted their lives and careers. As of right now, more than 30 people have already responded by filling out our quick Survey Monkey questionnaire. These leads will be shared with Journalism Department students and staff via Twitter, our blog and displays throughout the department.

Not only will contributing these leads help alumni feel included in the Journalism Department’s history and future, but current and prospective students will be able to witness for themselves how the Journalism Department can help launch them into successful careers.

Here are some notable leads from our remarkable alumni:

“I would not be where I am today without the knowledge and education I gained through the UW Oshkosh Journalism Department. My degree allowed me to work in the newsroom on the front lines and take in feeds of major news events, from the Olympics to the war abroad. The experience I gained through the advertising and  PR classes helped me cross over to the marketing department and use this SAME degree where I promote the CNN brand, as well as the many other networks under the Turner Broadcasting umbrella.”

-Lori Kraus ’02, senior promotion placement coordinator, CNN

“UWO is where I found myself. In the Journalism Department, I learned how to perfect a sentence, how to copy edit, how to have fun and take risks with design and how to work well with others creatively. It’s easy to be creative on your own, but learning to feed off the opinions of others and making your work even better is rarely taught prior to the real world. I thank the Journalism Department for my tough creative skin, because in advertising and publishing, you need it.”

-Jeff Griffith ’87, creative director, Rodale Publishing

“Faculty in the Journalism Department taught me to be inquisitive, ask the tough questions and to write concisely and accurately. My degree enabled to me become a newspaper reporter and editor, and now serves me well as a freelance writer and editor. That’s why I’m also proud to be the Journalism Department’s internship coordinator. I love giving back to the department that gave me so much.”

-Barb Benish ‘83 and MBA ’91, internship coordinator, UW Oshkosh Journalism Department

“To borrow a sports cliché, my experience at UW Oshkosh provided the foundation on which all success is built: I perfected my editorial blocking and tackling in the lecture halls of the Journalism Department, honed my technique on the pages of the Advance-Titan and Oshkosh Northwestern and discovered my journalistic instincts – instincts later forged with experience into voice and perspective that has served me as a writer, columnist, editor, digital journalist and eventually editor-in-chief of ESPN.com.”

-Pat Stiegman ’88, vice president and editor-in-chief, ESPN.com

Are YOU a J-Department alumni? Submit your lead here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/your_lead_our_story


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