Start Clubbing, Journalism Style

dancingWith the school year getting underway, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of an entirely new building, schedule and classes. In the midst of try to acclimate to everything, a lot of students forget about an important part of their journalism education: student organizations. These clubs are easy ways to gain experience in your journalism emphasis as well as connect with fellow students and professors.

Having a club membership looks great on a resume because it shows you are dedicated to your emphasis, are making the extra effort to learn more about the field and are looking to connect with professionals in the area. If you haven’t decided on an emphasis yet, joining a club that you have an interest in will give you a good idea if that’s a field you’d enjoy working in permanently.

Organizations are always looking for new members, so don’t worry if you couldn’t attend the first meetings. Listed below is all the contact information for the UWO Journalism clubs. Pick out one (or more!) that you’d like to attend regularly and get in touch with the leaders so they can add you to their email list.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5p.m. in Sage 3420
Adviser: Professor Mike Cowling
Twitter: @UWO_SPJ

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5:30p.m. in Sage 3408 (Journalism Reading Room)
President: Jessica Bedore
PR Adviser: Dr. Julie Henderson
Twitter: @UWOPRSSA

UWO Advertising Club
Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in Sage 3408 (Journalism Reading Room)
President: Taylor Krentz
Adviser: Dr. Sara Steffes-Hansen
Twitter: @uwosh_adclub

UWO Photo Club
Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 5p.m. in Sage 3408 (Journalism Reading Room)
President: Kayde Kempen
Adviser: Dr. Timothy Gleason

UWO Social Media Club
First Meeting: Wednesday, October 5 at 7p.m. in Sage 3422 (room subject to change)
Twitter: @UWOSM

Advance Titan
Even though it’s not a club, becoming a writer for the UW Oshkosh’s weekly newspaper will do the same thing for you as joining a club: give you portfolio pieces, build up your resume and most importantly, help you become a better writer.
Adviser: Dr. Vince Filak
Phone: (920) 424-3048
Twitter: @atitan

If you have any questions about the Journalism Department in general or any of the emphasizes, email us at You can also visit our Twitter (@UWOshJournalism) or Facebook page. Happy clubbing all!


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