Meet our new social media intern: Lindsey

Lindsey Noack

By Lindsey Noack (@LinzCnoack)

 “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his  works.”
 – Virginia Woolf

 I love this quote for two reasons:   

 1. I think it’s absolutely true and a great way to define the essence of good writing.
 2. I feel like this is a perfect description of who I am: a passionate writer, a deep thinker and lover of new  experiences.

Writing has always been extremely enjoyable for me since I started elementary school. Most people dreaded doing research projects and class presentations; I got excited for them. My motto is that you can never learn too much. Plus I got to demonstrate my creative side in presentations. I once did a four-foot wide poster on the Revolutionary War and cut out colored paper to make the American Flag for the background, including all 13 stripes and 50 stars!

You can call me a nerd, but I prefer to call myself an academic perfectionist. No one ever got hurt by over-achieving. 🙂

Because I am somebody who likes to do things properly, I need to see all my options before I can decide on anything. Yep, I’m that person you see standing an hour in the toothpaste aisle looking at every plaque-fighting, whitening, and fluoride formula available.

Anyway, choosing to stay undecided at UW Oshkosh was the best decision I could have made because when I finally chose journalism/public relations I had tried enough other options to see that it was the perfect major for me. It involves writing, communicating and creativity. The professors and graduates of the program are incredible and I feel so grateful to be in a major I’m passionate about and have fun with.

My goal for this year as one of the Journalism Department‘s social media interns is to get people excited about the program and everything it has to offer. I stay involved in our department because I’m passionate about helping up and coming journalism students get experience and take advantage of their college experience. Our program has a sense of community and this year I’m striving to make that more solid than ever.

Other fun tidbits about me:

  • To clarify, I am a senior majoring in Journalism emphasis Public Relations (which just got it’s CEPR designation, woot!), with a minor in Creative Writing.
  • I’m addicted to lists. (Coincidence that one appears in my bio?) I’m a random person, so it’s the easiest way to organize my thoughts.
  • You wouldn’t know it on many a college day, but I love to get dressed up. New clothes and high heels are my weakness.
  • I’m super-afraid of birds. Something with the way they move? I don’t know, they just freak me out. My dad had to carry me through an exotic bird exhibit in Mexico because none of them were caged in.  I’m still traumatized.
  • I’m a sarcastic person and I love to laugh. Fittingly then, The Office and Will & Grace are my favorite shows.  Also I could listen to Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh every day of my life.
  • Despite my mom’s wishes, I’ve always wanted a tattoo. Jury’s still out if it will happen.
  • One of my life goals is to go sky-diving, but I’m too scared I’ll be too scared. Ironic.
  • As mature-acting as I tend to think I am, I will never get over my love for Disney princesses, The Little Mermaid in particular. “Tangled” is one of my new favorite movies (more on that to come). I’m determined to have a room in my house dedicated to Disney one day.
  • Fall is my favorite season because September is my birthday and football starts! I grew up a Packers fan like most of us in Wisconsin, but now my main team is the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning. Enough said.
  • More than half my refrigerator is filled with condiments. My parents call me “The Condiment Queen” because I need some kind of sauce/dressing for everything I eat. Exceptions: low-fat dressing and Miracle Whip. Yuck. What’s the point of low-fat if it tastes bad?
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