3 Secrets to a Successful Social Media Campaign from a Media Relations Expert

By Kat Pecora (@KatPecora)

How do you measure social media success? Is it by the number of followers or how many comments you receive? That’s part of it, but where the path to social media success starts is with a strategy.

On April 7, Heidi Strand, owner and partner of Blue Door Consulting in Oshkosh, came to Jin Lee’s Ad Copy Layout course to talk about social media.  Strand shared that far too many businesses are diving into social media without a clear path for success. With so many changes in social media and technology, it’s understandable to want to just jump in and get started. Without a strategy, you won’t see the results you desire, and you may even be spending time and money on something that doesn’t fit your needs.  What you will have is disjointed efforts.

Here are Strand’s tips for developing a successful social media strategy that can be used for your personal social media use, or even at your internship or job.

1) Develop a consistent marketing strategy

Figure out what you have to work with. What social media sites will you utilize? What are you doing now that is or is not working? Do some research and look at what others are doing well or doing poorly. When you are ready, prepare your plan.

Decide when you will post new content.  Whether you’re blogging or using Facebook, updating content consistently is vital to your social media success. Decide what time of the day and how often during the week or month your will post new content. This gives readers an idea when to expect to hear from you.

Set goals and evaluate how you interact with your followers. Are you engaging with them or are you just broadcasting content? Decide how you will measure your return of investment. For example, will you measure an increase in followers or feedback from followers and how will you do so?

2) Where are you on the Hierarchy of Social Media?

Evaluate what type of interaction you have with your followers. There are three types: broadcast, dialogue and engagement. Similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the closer you are to engagement on the social media hierarchy, the closer you are to social media success.  Instead of just broadcasting content or creating a dialogue, you are having meaningful interactions with your followers.

3) Get everyone on board the social media train!

If you are creating a social media campaign for your internship or your job, getting everyone connected with social media is vital to the success of your campaign. For example, if the creative department where you work is launching a social media campaign and the CEOs and the rest of the office aren’t using social media, your strategy won’t be cohesive. Gather case studies and show examples to prove just how important social media marketing is as any other form. Without a joint effort, you won’t see the results you want.

No matter where your social media skills take you, remember these tips to launch a successful social media campaign. In the words of Heidi Strand, “put strategy before tactics.”

Check out Blue Door Consulting’s website to learn more about their agency and to connect with them on social media.


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