What I Learned In: Advertising Copy, Layout and Production

By Ryne Eberle (@rceberle)

It isn’t very often that students learn valuable skills in the classroom and have the opportunity to apply those skills in a real-world setting.

However, that’s exactly what the students in Advertising Copy, Layout and Production had the chance to do in the fall semester when they worked directly with UW Oshkosh alumnus Mike Fredrick, the creative director of Bader Rutter.

Students were formed into ad agencies and then wrote creative briefs and drew rough drafts of ads, which were later turned into finalized pieces for a presentation.

Writing the creative briefs was the first and most important thing the students did, because it established the target audience, which types of media would be utilized and how the students’ ads would stand out from the others.

Throughout the process of forming rough drafts into final pieces, the students learned how to design different types of ads, including print ads, flash ads, commercial storyboards and guerilla ads.

Not only did students learn how to design the different types of ads, but they also learned about how certain ads require specific locations and circumstances to be effective.

While creating their ads, the different groups consulted with Fredrick and used his feedback to polish their work.

When all of the ads were completed, the groups made PowerPoint presentations that explained components of their ads such as where an ad would be placed, the logic behind the placement and how the team thought of the ads.

These presentations were done in front of Fredrick, who sat down in a Q and A session with the students and later picked a group he thought had the best overall campaign.

During the Q-and-A session, Fredrick explained the importance of internships and improving your resume, how his time at UW Oshkosh helped his professional career.

If you are an Ad emphasis and are looking to learn applicable skills and knowledge of how the industry works, Advertising Copy, Layout and Production may be the class for you.


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