Thank you for Following: Some of Our Top Followers

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

Hello, and welcome to a new semester!

After being on Twitter for less than an entire year, the Journalism Twitter account recently gained more than 500 followers. I feel this is quite an accomplishment and am humbled by the number of people who follow all of the information we send to our students and alumni. On behalf of the Journalism Department, I thank you for following, interacting and retweeting us for the past year. It has been incredible to watch our online presence grow a little bit every day.


Some of our 500+ followers on Twitter.


I thought it would be interesting to highlight some unique accounts that are following the Journalism Department. It’s not just members of the Fox Valley that want to see what is going on in the Journalism Department and read what our students have to say. Sometimes it’s well-known PR pros, national news stations or even local celebrities. Here are a few of the 500 people following us on Twitter:

@ErinDavi5: Erin Davisson, anchor on WFRV-Channel 5 is one of the local TV personalities that have been checking out our tweets. Erin not only reports the news on TV, but also through her personal Twitter account. Follow her to learn more about local news as well as social media.

@wfrv5: Speaking of Channel 5, WFRV is one of several news stations that follow us, including WBAY and FOX 11. Follow any of these accounts to get timely information about breaking news, previews of upcoming newscasts and more.

@prsarahevans: Sarah Evans is a public relations specialist from Chicago and one of the social media leaders on Twitter. She tweaked the idea of hashtags to change Twitter into a virtual industry chat, including creating #journchat, a chat about all things journalism. Follow her to find interesting articles about social media, news, public relations and the sporadic story about celebrity gossip. She has one of those blue “Verified Account” check marks. Yeah. She’s a big deal.

@rozzy: Ryan Osborn is the social media director at NBC. He is always tweeting about the newest trends in social media and technology, so if you want to learn about the coolest new sites and applications before your friends, he’s the one to watch.

@NBCNews: That’s right. The NBC News is following the J-Dept. But not just the department. You too. All of your tweets we retweet, your blog posts that you write – NBC sees them. NBC has about 75,000 followers, but only follows a little more than 1,000 tweeters. Nice.

Feel free to look at our followers, and who we are following, to find new sources of information about the world of journalism. And if you aren’t a Facebook fan yet, make sure to “like” us to see daily updates, photos and more.

But what about you? Who are your favorite tweeters? Have any interesting people following you on Twitter? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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