PR 2.0: A Lesson in Tweets

By Audrey Riechers (@audreyriechers)

When I heard that Abby Gutowski, a public relations and social media manager at Weidert Group in Appleton, was coming to my Principles of Public Relations class, I was thrilled. She planned to discuss “PR 2.0” – how social media is changing the way we practice public relations, and how we can use it to engage our publics more effectively. Our class was already live-tweeting as we awaited for her arrival when Tom Hanaway, social media intern (and Abby’s escort for the day), announced to Professor Hansen via Twitter:

tomhanaway: @sameplane, the eagle has landed. @abbyweidert has been located. Escorting to Clow rendezvous point. Mission is a go. #uwoshpr

Tweets went flying.

As we welcomed her into our classroom both physically and via the Web, she set up her Prezi and got down to business. Abby encouraged us to continue tweeting while she spoke, allowing us to share her PR expertise with the rest of the world. Here, in all of their glory, are the main points that our class pulled out of Abby Gutowski’s presentation via the Twitter hashtag #uwoshpr:


  • kelseypilling: Being constantly connected to social media makes for a successful PR practitioner #uwoshpr
  • MelissaMoehn: 45% of journalists visit corporate blogs and 25% visit Facebook when writing a story #uwoshpr
  • FeliciaKud: Consumers can say anything online and ruin your rep. #uwoshpr #soundslikehighschool
  • tomhanaway: @abbyweidert: Crisis communication is more important than ever before. Need to respond to consumers quickly for PR 2.0 #uwoshpr
  • emilykaegi: “If you’re not watching social media, you’re missing important information that is affecting other people” @abbyweidert #uwoshpr
  • lishalax: you distribute PR 3 ways: socially, traditionally, and social media newsroom #uwoshpr
  • justinniles: The media doesn’t have to cover your story anymore with PR 2.0, says @abbyweidert #uwoshpr
  • KaydeKempen: PR 2.0 allows you to interact with the public directly instead of going through the media, giving the public info faster #uwoshpr
  • justinniles: Realize that PR practitioners can do much to influence events before they happen and, in some instances, to avert crises altogether. #uwoshpr
  • sammstrong: I guess I need to start a blog… #uwoshpr


Beyond the extra Twitter practice, Abby Gutowski’s presentation forced us to look at what public relations has become and realize how it is continuously evolving. This ain’t your mama’s PR. The industry has officially been upgraded.


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