Advance-Titan Wins Another Award

The Advance-Titan has been selected as one of eCollegeFinder’s Top 50 Student Publications Award winners, the second award the paper received this semester.

According to the eCollegeFinder site, the award is designed to “recognize the student-run publications that best represent their school and the needs of its students.”

The site says college newspapers are one of the most important parts of any university.

“This award also seeks to be a resource for students as they better themselves through education and exposure to the world,” the eCollegeFinger site says. “In today’s world of high-pace information, student newspapers offer valuable local and national information with a creative and professional twist.”

The site also stresses the importance of journalism and current events.

“[T]he power of the written word should never be underestimated,” the site states. “By reading and processing written materials, we become more informed about our world as well as those around us. These life lessons are enabled in part by the recognized publications.”

Adrienne Hilbert, one of the editors of the A-T, said she was caught off guard by the prize.

“Me and [fellow editor] Emily Williams freaked out,” Hilbert said. “That’s two awards in one semester. That puts us on the map and makes us look good.”

Vincent Filak, journalism professor and adviser for the A-T, said he was proud the publication had won another award this semester.

“It’s always gratifying to know that people out there see us as a quality source of campus news,” Filak said. “The students work really hard week in and week out to make us as good as we can be.”

Read about the first award the A-T won here.


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