Owner of Spark Advertising Gives Advice to Principles of Ad Class

Kristin KaneBy Kristin Kane (@KrisNicoleKane)

Last week, Principles of Advertising students had the privilege of hosting Mark Elliott, the owner of SPARK Advertising in Neenah, Wis. Elliott, a UW Oshkosh alum, offered a great deal of insight on how to be a successful student and how to use one’s time in college resourcefully in order to prepare for the business world. Elliott also discussed the importance of social media and how it can be used to network and enhance one’s portfolio.

The key social media platforms that Elliott suggested were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. Facebook and Twitter are useful ways for businesses to be directly connected to their clients and for colleagues to be able to update one another quickly and efficiently. LinkedIn is a more business-oriented social platform that allows professionals and aspiring professionals to connect and share contacts with one another. Recruiters also use LinkedIn to help prospective employees to find jobs. Blogs allow individuals and businesses to discuss specific topics relating to their areas of interest in an online journal format. When credible, Elliott discussed, blogs can be extremely useful tools to gain information about a company, person or topic.

Elliott encourages students and business people of all skill and experience levels to have knowledge of these social media platforms. Elliott also gave Principles of Advertising a few helpful hints on how to successfully break in to the business world: establish a LinkedIn profile, network (get involved in on-campus clubs), display initiative (apply for and receive internships), have a compelling and respectful attitude (Elliott believes that advancement is more often achieved through attitude than education), have a business card, and finally, have a sufficient amount of technology education. Although social media is a new and constantly changing social platform, their goal is the same as it has been for decades: networking and academic/business advancement.

Elliott reminded students to stay current, updated and informed in order to break through the clutter and allow one’s voice to be heard and one’s name to be known. Principles of Advertising was extremely fortunate to receive such helpful and insightful information from a person who truly knows how to do just that.

View the presentation Elliott gave to Principles of Advertising, including pictures of the company’s building, the advertisements they have created and more.


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