Debra Stauffacher from Echo Market Media Answers the Question ‘Why am I Learning This?’

By Melony Prothero (@prothm69)

This semester’s Journalism 353 course, Advertising Media, welcomed another guest speaker with an influential voice in the ad industry. Debra Stauffacher, owner and founder of the media-planning firm Echo Market Media, stopped by to help us intertwine our inside-the-classroom learning about media planning with her real-world experiences.

Debra started out in the financial services field where she acquired many transferable skills that she then applied while working at local advertising agencies and in-house production studios.  When the economy turned, she was presented with an interesting option of self-employment. She founded Echo Market Media, where she strives to provide marketing-minded media strategies.


Echo Market Media


During our class discussion Debra correlated past experiences with various companies and brands into her discussion that made textbook talk come to life in discussing all the aspects of media planning.  She spoke to our class about the “deep dive” into the media planning process, media objectives, media strategies, media buying, media management, and benefits of media planner and buyer services.

An interesting aspect about Debra’s discussion was when she made a statement about wanting to pursue training in new media, and found herself engaging in an on-going self-inflicted learning process.

Journalism is such a vast field that needs various types of people to contribute. It was great to hear someone’s real life situation and how everyday the things we are learning in just this one class are applied everyday by a true advertising professional.


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