Ad Media and Nielsen’s Molly Juers

By Katy Bailey (@katy_bailey)

As a journalism student, you are pretty familiar with a majority of the elective classes. But have you heard of Advertising Media? Well, if you haven’t, the course catalog on Titan Web describes it as “planning, selecting and buying of advertising media in a variety of marketing contexts.” What a great description… not.

I don’t know if all of my classmates feel the same way, but I definitely did not know what to expect when I first enrolled in class. The description does not exactly give it all away. Advertising Media takes you through the whole media strategy and buying process for selecting ad vehicles in television, print, online and other media. Believe it or not, businesses do not just throw together a commercial and put it on a random channel. It involves research, creativity and calculations.

Recently, Molly Juers came in and talked to our class about her career as a client director at the world’s largest research company, Nielsen. She provides research consulting for Kimberly-Clark, and described herself as a “research dork.” As such, her position focused on client research at an industry leader is perfect for her. The majority of her time is spent analyzing data to help her clients make smart marketing decisions, including effective media planning for particular ad campaigns.




Before listening to Ms. Juers, I really hadn’t thought about the importance of research. It is relevant not only in media buying, but many industries. You can’t write a story without a little research; you can’t market a new product without figuring out who you are targeting; you can’t implement a PR campaign without research. In the words of Molly Juers, anything without research is a gamble.

Whether you are interested in media buying or do not know much about it at all, I would strongly encourage you to enroll in Advertising Media next fall. You don‘t get the opportunity to use your creativity and analytical skills in many classes. And don’t worry, the calculations are simple equations.


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