New Social Media Club on Campus

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

I have recently been elected to be on the executive board of one of the newest organizations on campus, the UW Oshkosh Social Media Club.

I cannot explain how excited I am to be a part of this fresh and exciting new group. Social Media Club is basically a place for social media lovers of all kinds to gather, discuss and learn about the newest trends in the world of Web 2.0.

For the past few meetings, the executive board has been talking about all the different topics that we will be presenting at Social Media Club, including a guide on how to use sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, applications like Foursquare, and other channels of communication like blogs and YouTube. Our main goal is to educate students at UW Oshkosh how to properly use social media, how to apply good “netiquette” and how to become more comfortable with online tools.

Another one of our goals is to show the deeper side of social media, like how to use Twitter applications like HootSuite and how powerful actions like retweeting can be.

What is so unique about our organization is the diversity of our group. Some of our members are great at blogging, some are Twitter fanatics, some love Facebook, and some just want to learn more about social media in general.

I am excited to see the mixture of people who will attend our meetings. We’re hoping for this to be a place where people can highlight their strengths and teach others what they are good at, while at the same time learn from other members as well.

We are also trying to find a solid balance. We want to help those proficient in social media to learn more about advanced tools that are available, but at the same time we want to help those students who don’t even know how to use sites like Twitter.

Our first meeting will be Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. in Clow 150. I hope to see some of our readers at the meeting and eager to learn about the vast world of social media.

Are you thinking about joining? What topics would you want to learn more about?


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