Going ‘Beyond Classroom Walls’

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

The College of Letters and Science will be hosting an event to highlight special projects UW Oshkosh students have been a part of, including two projects involving the Journalism Department.

“Beyond Classroom Walls: UW Oshkosh Students and Faculty Take on the Real World” is an event aimed at showing the Oshkosh community five of the many projects being done by students outside of the classroom.

One of the projects being presented is about journalism students in two advertising courses, Professor Sara Hansen’s Research and Strategic Communication course and Professor Dana Baumgart’s Strategic Campaigns in Advertising course. The students were given the Grand Opera House as their real-life client. Their main priority was to analyze how to draw college students to the newly renovated theater in downtown Oshkosh.

The other project is a film, “Airboat Rescue 1: When the Ice Breaks,” made by Journalism lecturer Grace Lim and two Radio-TV-Film students, Mark Mazur and Trent Hilborn. The trio set out to make a documentary about the Lee family of Poygan, Wis. They are volunteer rescue workers who risk their lives to save people who fall into the freezing waters of their town using their hovercraft, Airboat Rescue 1. Lim and her students braved the thin ice to frigid temperatures to videotape the Lee family in action.

Lim said “Beyond Classroom Walls” is a significant event that highlights the many strengths of the College of Letters and Science.

“This event is a combined celebration of the great teacher and student collaborative works and a celebration of an extraordinary example of community volunteerism,” Lim said.


Beyond Classroom Walls


She said the event’s purpose is to show the Oshkosh community how education can be done outside the confinements of the classroom in a unique and engaging fashion.

“’Beyond Classroom Walls’ showcases the high-quality work that students do outside the traditional classroom structure,” Lim said. “Working with their instructors, the students work under real-life conditions that have real-life measurable impact.”

A special preview screening of “Airboat Rescue 1” will be showcased as the event. She will also show the manyfaces behind the movie as well. Music professor Andre Gaskins, who composed original music for the documentary, along with students Amanda Martin and Callie Soddy, will perform songs from the soundtrack.

The event will take place Thursday, Nov. 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the Steinhilber Gallery and the Reeve Theatre on the third floor of Reeve Memorial Union. “Beyond Classroom Walls” is open to the general public. The Journalism Department will be live-tweeting at the event. Follow our tweets throughout the night to see what is happening at “Beyond Classroom Walls.”


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