Journalism Is Moving On Up

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

Starting this summer, the Department of Journalism will bid farewell to Clow Social Science Center after occupying the first floor for decades. Next fall, Journalism will open its doors in the new academic building being constructed right across the street from Clow.

Journalism will now be located on the third floor of the new academic building, being built to be as environmentally efficient as possible. Mike Cowling, chair of the Journalism Department, said that the department will not be losing any space because of the move.

“We will still have three computer labs,” Cowling said. “And professor’s offices will be about the same size, but will have a window and new furniture.”

Windows and furniture are not the only new additions that come along with the move. The academic building will have a digital photography lab as well as 29 additional classrooms that could be used for Journalism classes.

The new academic building.
A mock-up photo of what the new academic building will look like once it's completed in the fall of 2011.

Besides Journalism, other departments from the College of Letters and Sciences will be on the third floor, including Women Studies, African-American Studies and the History Department.

Another academic resident will be the College of Business, which was a vital factor in the Journalism Department’s move.

“One of the reasons that Journalism will be in the new building is because the College of Business wanted us there,” Cowling said. “A key reason is that Business offers marketing, and Journalism will be offering some classes with that as part of the new Interactive Web Technology major.”

Cowling said the department has been part of the construction of the building from the beginning, helping design the layout of the third floor.

“Journalism was involved in the planning of the three labs, the digital photo lab and the reading room,” he said.

Cowling said the academic building not only offers a benefit to Journalism, but UW-Oshkosh as a whole.

“It will be the most environmentally friendly building on campus,” he said. “It will be a great addition to the campus, but will also be a showpiece for prospective students and their parents.”

The building will help Journalism stay on the cutting-edge and continue to be on the forefront education, he said.

“With the field of journalism changing dramatically these days, I am excited that we will be in the most technologically advanced building on campus,” Cowling said. “It will allow us to adapt to the current technology needs for teaching, and allow us to change as the types of new and emerging media are developed.”


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