New Social Media Classes Offered

There will be two new journalism courses this spring semester, both dealing with the world of social media.

The first class is Special Topics: New and Emerging Media. Dr. Hansen will give a survey of new and emerging media, covering theory and core concepts surrounding their impact and development within the global communication landscape. There will also be an overview of the historical development of new media and discussion of ethical concerns and an overview of the use of new media strategies and tools, such as social media and interactive technologies, with emphasis in advertising and public relations, including the use in corporations, non-profits, government and non-government organizations. Students must have at least 60 credits to enroll. The class will be for the first seven weeks of class, MWF from 8-10:10 a.m.

The second class is a continuation of New and Emerging Media called Special Topics: Application of New Media. Dr. Henderson will have students apply new media in real projects for local non-profit organizations. Students will be asked to work on creative and communication projects with new media tools, such as social media, based on careful strategic planning involving wants and needs. The class will also include evaluation methods to be used in regard to the tools they use. This course is in line with the COLS Strategic Plan Community Engagement Priority which includes “Encourage departments to provide community-based and service learning opportunities in their curriculum.” The course will be taught the second seven weeks of the semester, MW from 3-7:10 p.m.


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