Advising Dates

While we are still adapting to our new routines for the fall term, we already have to think to next semester and pick out our classes for spring. Are you prepared?

There are some key points you should know when mapping out your journalistic future:

  • Make sure you print off your STAR Report BEFORE meeting with your adviser. Advisers can’t tell you what to take until they know what courses you already have completed. Also, advising appointments are short, so they can’t sit and wait while you print off your STAR Report.
  • Figure out which classes you need to take. Once you know which classes are required, it will be easier to decide which courses will count toward your degree, and which ones will just be filler. See the student handout to see which classes are required for your major and emphasis.
  • Think about which classes you want to take beforehand. When your adviser asks which classes you want to take, they hate nothing more than to hear, “Um… I dunno…” Don’t be that student. There is a list of syllabuses online. Check them out to get a feel of what the classes entail. Just keep in my mind that classes may change from semester to semester, professor to professor.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to sign up for an appointment by signing up at the door of your adviser for a time to meet. Enrolling for journalism classes is a different process than enrolling for other classes, a process that requires students to meet with their adviser. By the time you finally remember, it may be too late and your preferred classes may already be full. Sign up as soon as possible.

Here are the advisory dates:

90 earned credits and more and Honor students advised on Thursday, Oct. 7 and Friday, Oct. 8.

60 through 89 earned credits advised on Monday, Oct. 11 and Tuesday, Oct. 12.

45 through 59 earned credits advised on Wednesday, Oct. 13.

Fewer than 45 credits and/or GPA below 2.50 should make an appointment with Mr. Tom Bruflat. Call 920-424-1268 to set up an appointment or stop by the front desk of the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC), Student Success Center; Suite 202.


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