Creative Honcho: Network + Get Portfolio Reviewed = Job*

Eric Schadrie (left) and RubberChicken (right) of Bay Tek Games speak to the Principles of Advertising class about importance of networking.

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

The creative honcho of Bay Tek Games visited Principles of Advertising and stressed the importance of networking in the journalism field.

When Eric Schadrie first walked into Journalism 250, most students were taken aback. Schadrie greeted the class with a rubber chicken in his hand. He explained how sometimes he tends to ramble, and if he talked too much a student should squeeze the rubber chicken as a sign that he should move onto the next topic.

However, no one sounded the rubber chicken alarm and Schadrie was able to give the class a lot of valuable advice.

The biggest point that Schadrie made was how vital networking is for advertisers and journalists. He explained that almost every job he received after college was a position he heard about from a friend or colleague. Schadrie showed the class an intricate web, which visually represented how he managed to go from a graphic designer at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, to a senior designer at the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, to an art director at Infusion (now Imaginasium), to his current position as creative honcho at Bay Tek Games

Schadrie has a job that some people only dream of having. He creates games for a living for businesses like Chuck E. Cheese’s and Dave & Buster’s. He said that because of his good connections with other journalists he was able to land this dream job.

Schadrie is also a member of the Fox River Ad Club, a local branch of the American Advertising Federation. The Fox River Ad Club is currently hosting Student vs. World, an event where students can attend and have their portfolios critiqued by professionals. Interested students have until noon on Wednesday, April 21 to register. Schadrie said that these kinds of critiques can be invaluable to one’s career and encourages any students to attend.

For more information about Student vs. World, click here.


One thought on “Creative Honcho: Network + Get Portfolio Reviewed = Job*

  1. An excellent opportunity… but of course I would think so. Thanks for the post. I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow night!

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