Calling All Twitter Reporters in Ad Class

#UWOad students discuss Twitter Reporting

Twitter reporters will make their debut on Tuesday in Principles of Advertising.

Students will use their laptops or mobile phones to tweet during class. A Twitter hashtag, #UWOad, will show real-time discussion on a screen next to the projection of class slides. The discussion extends outside of the classroom via Twitter about advertising topics, particularly related to new media, as well.

“Media professionals and a growing mainstream are rapidly using Twitter for many types of communication,” Professor Sara Steffes Hansen said. “Our students can choose to be a Twitter reporter in class as a way to get familiar with this tool and its role in strategic communication. Students will learn how Twitter works through instruction and interaction with peers regarding advertising, as well as public relations and news. It’s already a class that likes to discuss advertising topics, and Twitter will be another way to broaden discussion and build community.”

Professionals who participated in mock interviews of UWO Journalism students this week mentioned the importance of students developing social media skills. Further, these professionals in news, advertising and public relations said it was important to understand how social media fits in with other communication tools and strategies.

Several students in the class have signed up to be Twitter reporters, but all students will be able to tweet if they choose. Earlier in the semester, the class participated in a tutorial with the Journalism Department’s Social Media Intern Melanie Stepanek, including lab time to set up a Twitter account. Twitter also has been a part of class discussion.

Set your Twitter search to #UWOad.


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