To Tweet or Not to Tweet? It’s not even a question.

By Kelly Engebretson (@misskellymae)

I never imagined that I would be part of the blogosphere. Or should I say, I never thought I would be writing for a blog… or is the correct term blogging?

Well, either way here I am, attempting to make my mark in the world of social media. And let me tell you, it is scary. I am trying to figure out how I got here. In the last week I have gotten a LinkedIn account, tweeted, retweeted, followed, been followed, invited guests, started a Weebly Web site and now I am blogging. Frankly, it’s unbelievable.

Although most of you probably find it hard to believe that I waited until the last semester of my senior year to reap the benefits of these marvelous technologies, it’s the truth. Nonetheless, I am here. I’m ready to reap.

With a lot of coercion from my friends and a little nudge from my professor I reluctantly opened a Twitter account and before I realized it was happening, I was addicted.

I used to think Twitter was just a place for Paris Hilton to tell me about the sweater she bought her dog or to hear that Miley Cyrus painted her toenails black. I had no idea that it could connect me to classmates, potential employers, professionals in my field, causes I believe in and endless opportunities for networking.

As the second half of my final semester flies by, thoughts of graduation, the job market, my October wedding and a move to Orange County, Calif., have sent me into a bit of a frenzy. With so many unknowns it’s hard to know where to start. Then, I got a tip from a trusted professor encouraging me to put my newfound love for Tweeting to good use.

After a little pep talk I hit the ground running and within minutes I was enamored with Be Inspired Public Relations: The Wedding Specialists located in Los Angeles. I quickly became a follower of weddingPR and in no time was finding other local vendors and event planning companies that I could see myself working for.

I am far from being a Twitter expert (I am barely a novice), but I can already see the benefits of keeping up with technology. Almost every Web site I have visited since my new approach to job hunting has featured a link to the company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account.

That is when it dawned on me. My future employer is going to expect me to know how to update, manage and communicate through social media. So, I suppose my last five weeks will be a little busier than expected, but at least I’ll be productive.


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