No Time to be Nervous

Journalism student, Taylor KrentzBy Taylor Krentz

The Advance-Titan plays an important role at UW Oshkosh. The articles are chosen to provide the most relevance for each student. From U.S. Government regulations to the ever-popular Busted column, which serves as a helpful reminder for what not to do, each article has a purpose.

Until three weeks ago, the Advance-Titan was just a source of news for me. Then I saw an ad offering a job for students who wanted to get involved with the Advance-Titan. I applied and now am one of four sales representatives for its advertising department.

The first two weeks involved a lot of learning. I had to make sure I understood and remembered all the basics of ad sizes, prices and contracting before making my first sale. It was a lot to remember and I was nervous I would forget something important. The last thing I wanted to do was call a potential advertiser and sound like I didn’t know what I was doing.

After the second week I was assigned my first real task: a cold call. A woman called the Advance-Titan office looking to advertise and my manager thought I was ready to make the call. After mentally building myself up I dialed… only to reach the answering machine. Surprisingly, when I finally reached the woman, everything fell into place. With everything organized in front of me, I was able to professionally make a sale.

Although calling someone you’ve never met can be sort of scary, mastering the skill is essential for a future career in advertising. I’ll have to start conversations with important people who may be intimidating. If I want to be successful in my career I will need to task risks and make myself stand out. If I’m nervous, I need to get over it and adjust to become more comfortable in those situations.

Other students interested in advertising should consider working at the Advance-Titan or at least get an internship of some sort. You won’t know if it’s what you want to do unless you actually get to try it out. The experience has been valuable and I am thankful for the opportunity. I’m more confident, professional and experienced because of it.


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