Lessons from 1 Creative Way

By Jessie Tadder

UW Oshkosh’s Advertising Club took a trip Friday, March 12 to Pewaukee’s DMC Advertising company, “an industry leader for multi-channel, results-driven marketing programs.” We arrived at 1 Creative Way around 10 a.m. to be greeted by a friendly atmosphere and people from whom we gained much knowledge.

DMC’s slogan is “No fluff. No ego. Just advertising that gets results.” For a company who takes the time to measure the results of all processes, this slogan is only fitting. We got to know DMC and the types of services they provide, along with a few members of its staff. Not only were we able to ask questions about the business itself, but the staff gave us helpful ideas as to where we should be in our student career and where to go from here.

A few helpful hints that any student could take away from DMC’s presentation are:

  • Remove any “stupidity” from your Social Media page(s)
  • Get Internships(s)
  • Ideation + Portfolio
  • Networking is essential

As students, we have probably heard about at least one or more of these helpful pieces of information from our professors and peers. However, the fact that DMC cared enough to mention them shows that they are of great importance. UWO Ad Club was able to take away many useful ideas from DMC, and we greatly appreciated the time they gave out of their work day to give us some real life experience

UW Oshkosh Ad Club


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