Kate Unger: UWO Student to UWO Career

By Tom Hanaway (@tomhanaway)

Kate Unger’s life has gone full circle. Unger went from full-time University of Wisconsin Oshkosh college student, to working at other marketing firms and is back at UWO once again.  This time she is not the student position. Now she is in the role of teacher.

Unger graduated from UWO in 2006 with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising/Public Relations.   After completing school she went on to work at several other marketing firms, including Weidert Group Inc. in Appleton, Wis.

Her ties and connections with UWO and its Journalism Department helped her find her next job. Her former professor, Dr. Sara Steffes-Hansen, informed her about a marketing coordinator position at Oracular, a marketing firm in Oshkosh.

After working at Oracular, Unger is back at UWO working as the marketing manager for Reeve Union. Her job focuses on promoting events happening around campus, including new food venues and concerts.

Marketing isn’t Unger’s only field of interest. Recently she has become very involved in social media and Web 2.0.

“It’s the way marketing is going,” Unger said.  ”I get to see how real-time marketing happens.”

Unger feels that social media is becoming a huge piece of any marketing operation and that someday it will be the norm.

“It’s the instant gratification,” she said. “Instead of talking at coffee shops, we’re meeting online.”

She has several online endeavors going on. She is in charge of Reeve’s blog, where three student interns write about events going around campus and their personal student experiences

Unger also created her own blog called Baby & Briefcase.

“The biggest things in my life are my kids,” she said. “That defines who I am.”

Her blog documents her struggles of trying to be a dedicated employee while still being the best parent possible.

“I’m trying to balance these two things,” she said. “Writing is an outlet for me.”

Unger said that her classes were important, but her internships were priceless. She recommends that all current Journalism students take advantage of their time as students to participate in as many internships as possible.

“Corporate America is different from school,” she said. “Deadlines are real and time is money.”

Unger added that her experiences at UWO helped prepare her for a career in the real world and were vital to getting her where she is today.

Kate Unger can be found on Twitter at @UngerKate.


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