Debut of the Social Media Initiative

Welcome to the debut of the UW Oshkosh Department of Journalism blog. The faculty and staff hope that you will join us in making it an exciting place for learning and for the sharing of ideas and views. As chair of the department, it is my pleasure to introduce this new feature, which offers another avenue of communication for us to keep in touch with our many constituents.

This is the start of a social media initiative being organized by Dr. Sara Steffes Hansen, an assistant professor in journalism, and Melanie Stepanek, a senior journalism major. One purpose is to connect current students and alumni with one another, and with prospective employers and members of the community. Other advantages include guidance for students on the acceptable etiquette in using social media professionally, keeping the department abreast of new technology, and stressing how each emphasis in the journalism program is affected by social media.

The blog will feature postings by students, guest bloggers and members of the faculty and staff. We strongly encourage interactivity and commentary, along with suggestions for future content. It also has sections to highlight upcoming networking events, job-seeking advice and Web 2.0 tutorials. In addition, we will be showcasing the work of students and alumni.

Journalists, whether they are writers, photographers, designers, public relations practitioners, or advertising professionals, are noted for being content producers. For this blog to be beneficial for all of us, we are counting on your participation. So let the conversation begin.

Mike Cowling


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