“While many of my journalism classmates are out there writing about the days events, I’m busy preparing to shape tomorrow’s news. As a legislative aide in the Wisconsin State Capitol, I not only get to live history, but I get to nudge it in the right direction.”

-Craig Trost ’01, legislative aide 

“I would not be where I am today without the knowledge and education I gained through the UW-Oshkosh Journalism department.  My degree allowed me to work in the newsroom on the front lines, taking in feeds of major news events, from the Olympics to the war abroad.  The writing and reporting classes helped me in this area.  The experience I gained through the advertising and PR classes helped me cross over to the marketing department and use this SAME degree where I promote the CNN brand, as well as the many other networks under the Turner Broadcasting umbrella.”

-Lori Kraus ’02, senior promotion placement coordinator for CNN

“The Journalism Department definitely prepared me for the “real business world” and my professors gave me confidence that I would be successful in my field. Prior to graduation, I began applying for a job, and within two months, I was hired full-time to do exactly what I studied! Nearly 10 years later I am still at the same employer and loving it!”

-Heidi Ludwig-Zich ’02, director of business development 

“I joined NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition) my junior year at Oshkosh and discovered what I love to do – be creative. Our team made it to nationals, and I continued to study my craft after graduation at Miami Ad School. In a nutshell, that’s what the UWO Journalism Dept taught me: that being from a small town and attending a (semi) small university, does not equal a small future.”

-Morgan (Kuchnia) Hanson ’03, copywriter 

“The Journailism Dept. gave my goals a purpose: to excel at the skills needed in my career. The professors cared about my learning and were always there to help when needed. I give the Journalism Dept. at UW-Oshkosh an A+!!!”

-Jessica Kexel ’04, local sales assistant/paid programming

“After completing one year at a Big 10 school and then transferring to the UW Oshkosh Journalism Department, I realized what I was missing at the larger school: hands on experience.  The classes were a perfect mix of learning principles and then practicing those principles. Leading the 2005 National Student Ad Competition Team for UWO gave me the opportunity to refine my creativity, organizational skills and discipline that I use every day to plan out large-scale marketing campaigns.”

-Stephanie (Viney) Gassen ’05, manager of Commercial Lead Generation for TDS Telecommunicatons

“College teaches us that class is held in “classrooms” of all shapes and sizes, in places that are maybe unconventional but ultimately that teachers shape who we are. John Dinse, a 2006 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a prime example of unconventional educational experiences. With football his primary passion, school became secondary until a professor in the Journalism department was able to inspire him to be more than, just a coach.”

-John Dinse ’06, director of marketing/assistant football coach

“Thanks to the UWO journalism department, I’m living my dream with a blossoming career at the U.S. Olympic Committee. The outstanding faculty at UWO helped develop my skills as a well-rounded communications professional and gave me the edge necessary to creatively and effectively share the stories of America’s best athletes and spread the values and ideals of the Olympic Movement.”

-Vanessa Virbitsky ’08, communications coordinator for the U.S. Olympic Committee

“The J-Dept. laid the foundation of my current position, providing me with the writing and editing skills necessary in my current position.”

-Steve Bailey ’09, executive editor 

“The Journalism Department gave me the tools so that I could be versatile in my first position. Tools such as AP writing skills, Adobe workshop skills, and marketing plan development. These tools landing me in a great position that has allowed me to grow.”

-Amanda Betts ’09, marketing director 

“The Journalism Department’s high caliber, well-respected faculty provided me with a robust education that served as a foundation for achieving success in the workplace. The ability to participate in national competitions, such as PRSSA’s Bateman Competition, also gave me the opportunity to exercise my knowledge and skills strategically in a collaborative, team environment, which helped prepare me for work in the real world. The department’s dedication to students can be seen in the generations of successful alumni, which I’m proud to be a part of.”

-Brittany Dorfner ’09, account coordinator 

“The UWO professors did one thing that mattered most — believed in me. Writing about video games isn’t the most prestigous work, but they were there to be friends, teachers and supporters the whole way — even when I wasn’t the best student.”

-Louis Garcia ’09, reporter/photographer/freelance video game journalist

“The Journalism Department at UW Oshkosh gave me the extra curricular opportunities and the academic support necessary to gain entrance into Teach For America. My work ethic and dedication to a cause, traits required to be a successful first year teacher in an urban school, were first established at UW Oshkosh. However, I further improved these character traits as a business professional in positions that related to my journalism degree.”

-Grace McMurtrie ’09, 4th grade teacher at Wheatley Elementary (Teach For America Corps member)

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