“Learning to be a journalist at UW-Oshkosh taught me all the basic newsworthy skills. But it also taught me more important life skills like resourcefulness, tenacity, curiousity and commitment. Those helped me as a newspaper reporter, a corporate communicator and a manager. They also were useful in helping me write and sell my first children’s book to Schwartz & Wade, an imprint of Random House, earlier this year.”

-Pat Zietlow Miller ’90, corporate publications manager 

“I was given unique opportunities to develop my journalism skills in a team setting. Being able to use the newest Macs with their innovative software offered a key career advantage.”

-Scott Becher ’91, owner 

“I learned pracatical applications of public relations that put me ahead of peers with general degrees. I knew about press releases, annual reports, and other tru public relations functions right when I finished college. Just the other day someone asked me the difference between serif and sans serif fonts and I knew because I learned it at UW Oshkosh.”

-Nancy (Dare) Kunkler ’91, public relations manager 

“I learned the value of journalism  — in our society and in our communities — during my time at UW-Oshkosh. The faculty instilled a sense of responsibility in its student journalists and taught us that journalism is a job worth doing  — and worth doing right. Almost 20 years later, I’m still using what I learned in the journalism department.”

-Jenny (Roecker) Sharp ’92, associate editor 

“The journalism department and specifically Dr. Tsao set me on a career path that I’m still on today.  Dr. Tsao recommended me to attend a Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Scholarship weekend.  It was there I fell in love with the blend of creativity and analytics from my Journalism and Psychology studies.  I went on to focus on Direct Marketing in grad school and have held jobs involving direct marketing ever since.  I honestly can’t say where my life would be without the influence of the Journalism department.”

-Jennifer Biefel ’94, manager at CMR Marketing 

“The UW-Oshkosh J department gave me a solid foundation in the basics of making a living in the world of communications. I followed the Ad/PR path, but was also immersed in the News/Ed world with a stint as Editor-in-Chief of The Advance-Titan. Learning how to listen, write, edit and communicate clearly has been key to the development of my career in journalistic and marketing-related roles.”

-Mark A. Klossner ’94, director of marketing at BOSS Snowplows

“My UWO Journalism education taught me to write concisely, edit carefully and, most importantly, NEVER use two spaces after a period. Seriously though, these foundational lessons have stuck with me throughout my career, and laid the groundwork for all the learning I’ve done within my field since graduating in 1996. With the rise of online journalism and social media in recent years, I’m sure today’s Ad/PR curriculum looks a bit different from when I was there in the mid-90s. However, the basics are still the same: write well, know your audience and be creative.”

-Casey (Roska) Britten ’96, marketing & design specialist/social media community manager

“The Journalism Department helped develop the writing and investigatory skills needed to become a good attorney.  Even with a Law Degree, I continue publishing articles and editing papers and journals for the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Wisconsin.”

-Jill Kastner ’97, staff attorney 

“The classes, faculty and my experience working for the Advance-Titan at UW-Oshkosh fueled my intrinsic passion for doing what journalists do: paint pictures with words. I credit my education with providing the foundation upon which I’ve built a challenging and rewarding career.”

-Seiche Sanders ’97, executive editor & associate publisher

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