“UW-Oshkosh has made it possible for me to eek out a living and be able to adapt to change.  The Advance-Titan experience was instrumental in learning the nuts and bolts of the business, along with learning about the personalities I would encounter.”

-Gary Klein ’81, staff photographer

“I returned to school and obtained a Master’s degree in Social in May 2010, and I believe my undergrad degree in journalism from UW-Oshkosh kickstarted my ability to acquire the skill set I use today. Interviewing (researching),  writing (documenting), and observing (assessing) are transferable skills that I incorporate daily in my new career. Journalism and social work, for me, are complementary degrees, and my strengths as a journalist have served me well, both while in graduate school, and currently in my social work practice.”

-Tammy Bloechl-Rutherford ’82, social services supervisor

“During the time I went to UW-Oshkosh, the dual emphasis on journalism and public relations gave me the educational background to serve in a variety of professional careers–starting as a newspaper reporter, moving on to a public relations position at a university, and eventually my current position as a project manager for a major publishing company. The instructors I learned from and the hands-on experience I gained through working on the Titan newspaper and through class practicums was invaluable.”

-Rick Hecker ’82, senior project manager at McGraw-Hill Higher Education

“My journalism career took many unexpected twists and turns over the years: a reporter at two suburban Chicago newspapers…a reporter and editor at the Milwaukee Sentinel…a manager of corporate communications at a Fortune 250 company in Milwaukee…a national consumer-magazine editor at Reiman Publications in Milwaukee (now Reader’s Digest)…and a freelance writer/editor for the last five years. Navigating that path would have been impossible without the tools of the trade I learned in Clow’s classrooms and in the basement of Radford Hall. Few things were more valuable than the real-world experience provided by the Advance-Titan, a living and breathing journalism lab where we honed our news instincts and learned to say what we mean and mean what we say. I’m forever grateful to a supportive journalism department that gave us the freedom to learn from our mistakes and provided a foundation for success.”

-Ken Wysocky ’82, freelance writer/editor and project manager at Write Words Communications

“The Journalism Department did three things for me: connected to talented and gifted faculty, developed a foundation of understanding and skills for Public Relations, and taught me the writing skills that I use every day.  I had the great opportunity to chair the Board of Directors for the National Association for Campus Activiites several years ago, and I put those writing skills to use every month with a series of monthly columns in the NACA magazine.  The Editor of the magazine was grateful for the skills I had learned at UWO!”

-Chris Geiger ’84, director of Center for Student Involvement

“Mary Prpich taught me how to organize a story. She showed me the importance of detail and accuracy. She fostered my ability to write clearly and concisely. Gary Coll? Well, he taught me how to be passionate about what I do.”

-Don Becker ’85, president of DBA Marketing Communications

“The Journalism Department at UW-Oshkosh introduced me to a great husband, Denis Dougherty, and led to our wonderful family.”

-Terri Dougherty ’87, associate editor at J. J. Keller

“UWO is where I found myself, where I learned to perfect a sentence, how to edit copy, how to have fun and take risks with design and copy, and how to work well with others creatively. It’s easy to be creative on your own. But learning to feed off the opinions of others and making your work even better is rarely taught prior to the real world. I thank UWO for my tough creative skin. In advertising and publishing, you need it.”

-Jeff Griffith ’87, creative director 

“I was an unconventional Journalism major. I spent my freshman year at UW-Stout in their Industrial Technology program but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I transferred to UW-Oshkosh as a sophomore and entered the Journalism program in the Advertising/Public Relations sequence. I didn’t want to be a reporter, yet I enjoyed writing. I couldn’t really draw, but have a great eye for design. It was a good fit for me.  I have been working within the printing industry since 1987 — first in pre-press and now in customer service — where the lessons learned within the Ad/PR sequence are utilized on a regular basis.”

-Chris (Slivinski) Hart ’87, account manager 

“Whatever your career goals, at some point the building of critical skills and confidence merges with opportunity and the dream becomes real. The helpful ‘hands-on’ nature of the UW Oshkosh Journalism Department, and student-powered Advance-Titan, helped hone journalistic, writing, and editing skills that enabled me to turn a lifelong passion into a dream career. As editor of Archery Business and managing editor of Bowhunting World magazines, over the past 15 years my ‘office’ can change at various points on the calendar to include a typical desk with computer, stretches of scenic elk habitat in the Rocky Mountain high country, to the brilliantly hued caribou-moss-covered tundra of the Northwest Territories.”

-Mark Melotik ’88, editor 

“Professor emeritus Dr. Harvey K. Jacobson is still an inspiration.  We still correspond — 23 years later!  And as busy as I am, I will always open an email from Cindy Schultz.  When I was a student, she was never too busy for me.”

-Kim (Kretz) Hanneman ’88, career counselor at Virginia Commonwealth University

“I am forever thankful that the coursework and the faculty in the Journalism Department taught me to ask lots of tough questions, to write concisely and to thoughtfully construct a story with information and data from many sources. I worked as a reporter and in marketing and public relations before heading back to graduate school.  Now, I am an education researcher and program evaluator and those journalism skills are essential to my daily work.”

-Denise Roseland ’88, senior director of career & technical education planning and evaluation

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