“In a lifetime of learning, one professor inspired me to learn and explore new options. Dr. Gary Coll encouraged me to utilize the journalism skills I learned at UWO and apply them to the sales and marketing field.  For the past 14 years, I have enjoyed a sales and marketing career with Belo’s ABC affiliates in both Dallas and Austin, Texas.  Thank you, Dr. Coll.”

-Jillane Zellner Fredericks ’74, director of sales at KVUE-TV

“Dave Lippert recommended me to the Milwaukee Journal, and I was hired as a stringer. The Oshkosh Northwester saw my bylines in the Journal, and the rest is history. I was a reporter there for 17 years.”

-Joanne “Jo” Zorr ’76, retired

“I spent 25 years at a community newspaper, working in all facets of the business. I took that collaborative work ethic to the teaching profession. I am in my fifth year as a middle school English teacher. Lessons I learned as a team player at the newspaper help me in my work with students and colleagues.”

-Mary Micke ’78, teacher

“Majoring in journalism at UWO opened the door for my career in the news business and continues to serve me well more than 30 years later. The courses in writing, reporting, ethics and law prepared me well and helped me advance as a reporter, anchor and news manager. It gave me the basics as technology changed media.”

-Bertrand “Randy” Hennig ’79, editor

“My clip book compiled from articles I wrote as news editor at the Advance-Titan opened wide the first couple job opportunities I encountered.  Without the clips, there would have been no way my hiring employers could have judged my skills and talents. I had two job offers before I graduated–both of them really decent.  Today I write for nonprofits just for fun. I still have all my A-T clips pasted in a bound book.  I take them out from time to time to bore my wife or to truly demonstrate to my kids that I’m totally out of it….”

-Tom Kobinsky ’79, freelance writer

One response

17 09 2014
Rob Rudolph

Sigh. I wish I appreciated the education I was getting while I was getting it. UW-O J-school was great preparation for a whole world of life experiences. Thanks for the memories.

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