A Day in The Life at the Advance Titan

18 04 2014

by Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_) and Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

Did you know that the UW Oshkosh student newspaper, The Advance-Titan, won the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Student Press Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013? This is well deserved by the A-T staff because every Wednesday night they work to make sure a new issue is released every Thursday.

The A-T has existed since 1893 and continues to keep students and staff updated on what the campus and community are doing. It takes a lot of people to make the paper run, and here are three individuals who work at the A-T and some of their responsibilities.

Page Editor

There are four different types of page editors: news, campus connections, sports and opinion. There are meetings every Monday between both the entire staff and the specific branch of editors and their writers. On Mondays the editors discuss story assignments with their writers. On Wednesdays the editors work in the A-T workroom, setting up pages and proofreading.

Assistant news editor Scott Bellile said his favorite part is being able to take the more artistic approach in journalism. “It’s pretty fun to take on this more artsy aspect to journalism,” Bellile said. “Having your own say and what you think is a good front page picture is cool. When it comes out on Thursday morning and you look at it and can be proud to say that it’s something you built in a night.”erin and brenna

Copy Desk

The copy desk is a group of students who are responsible for reading over stories and checking the AP style and grammar. Each story isn’t fully proofread until it has been viewed by at least three members of the copy desk. The pages then go back to the page editors, who make the changes and send them back to the copy desk. This exchange continues until hopefully there are no mistakes left on the page.

Copy chief Alissa Knop’s favorite part of being on the copy desk is the interaction between the editors.
Knop said, “I like that it’s different from the other sections in that I get to work with all my editors instead of the writing editors never see them except for the meetings.”


When landing the role as editor-in-chief, be prepared to take on many responsibilities. The editor-in-chief is in the A-T office almost every day of the week besides weekends and rarely on Thursday and Fridays. Monday and Tuesday night responsibilities include making sure the other A-T members on staff are on track and their duties are going smoothly, and to address any problems they might have.jes and brenna

On Wednesdays, the editor-in-chief is in the office all day until the paper is ready to be printed. Responsibilities include:

  • Send printing company the amount of print for that day; what color and how many pages they need printed.
  • Walk around to see if there are any major problems and jump in to help.
  • Rewrite stories or rework pages.
  • Keep in contact with the web staff, and send the payroll for the week.

Despite all the responsibilities of the editor-in-chief, he or she will gain experience in all the roles it takes to create a newspaper. The editor-in-chief for the A-T, Jessica Kuderer, shares her favorite part of the job. Kuderer said, “I like being able to float around and help each section, bounce ideas off of them and get, I guess, a broader focus on everything than just the news, which I was heavily invested in before.”

If you are interested in working for The Advance-Titan, send an email to atitan@uwosh.edu and ask about the opportunities available to you.

Who To Follow on Twitter

10 04 2014

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

Twitter is not used just for socialization; it is also way to stay connected to the people and companies that will keep you informed. Twitter is important for journalism students to master because knowing how to connect with your audience in new ways, bringing attention to you work, enhance your personal brand and finding new ways, trend and resources, will impress your employers and get you noticed.

Now is a good time to start developing the mindset of what employers will want to see on your Twitter account. Your posts do not have to be all business; showing your personality is important too. But now that employers are starting to look at job applicants’ social media accounts, showing that you know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner will help you stand out.

Here are 10 people and companies that I think offer an ideal mix for students to follow. Within the 10 are information from public relations and advertising experts, journalists, and media and technology experts.

1) PR DailyOfficial feed for PRDaily.com;  it is a one-stop shop for news on PR, marketing, social media & more.

  • Followers: 45.7K
  • Tweets: 6,209

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.21.25 PM

2) Ad WeekThe leading source for news, insight and community for marketers, media and agencies.

  • Followers: 231K
  • Tweets; 22.5K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.20.21 PM

3) Social Media TodayPublishing ad distribution of great posts by the world’s best thinkers on social media best practices, tools and social marketing.

  • Followers: 299K
  • Tweets: 55.3K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.23.45 PM

4) 10,000 WordsMultimedia journalism blog; where journalism and technology meet.

  • Followers: 36.9K
  • Tweets: 5,376

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.05.50 PM

5) Vadim LavrusikPublic Content Manager for Facebook; working on improving content features. Former professor  at Columbia, social at Mashable  and NY Times.

  • Followers: 31.6K
  • Tweets: 16.4K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.10.43 PM

6) Callie SchweitzerDirector of Digital Innovation at TIME, former Director of marketing and communications at Vox Media Inc., former deputy publisher at TPM; loves news and technology. callieschweitzer.com shares the latest news and facts in the journalism world.

  • Followers: 56.1K
  • Tweets: 58.8K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.02.17 PM

7) Associated PressNews, discussion and behind-the-scenes insight from The Associated Press. Managed 24/7 by a team of editors based in New York.

  • Followers: 3.11M
  • Tweets: 76.6K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.46.47 PM

8) Student Press LawThe Student Press Law Center is an advocate for student free press rights and provides free legal help and information to students and educators

  • Followers: 6,910
  • Tweets: 5,121

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.19.22 PM

9) Masable JobsTech, digital and social media job openings, innovative resume and interview tips, and occasional workplace humor.

  • Followers: 43.7 K
  • Tweets: 5,977


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.12.39 PM

10) Poynter: School for journalism and democracy. The Poynter Institute focuses on what is happening within journalism and uncovers fascinating stories in the process.

  • Followers: 105K
  • Tweets: 36K

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.41.29 PM

Start following and staying updated on the latest news and findings. Comment below if you have any suggestions on people or places to follow or share your favorite from the suggestions above.

Flipboard: The Interactive App to Keep You Informed

8 04 2014

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

College life can be hectic with all the activities and schoolwork students are juggling, and staying current with the latest news sometimes is not on top of the priority list. Thanks to social media sites, staying up-to-date is getting easier. And with more applications being designed, there are ways to stay connected to trending stories and news. I want to share one with you because I have fallen in love with it.

Flipboard is a way to discover, read, collect and share news you care about. It is an application you can personalize to include your favorite social networks, publications, blog articles and topics to stay connected and informed on the things that interest you the most.

How Flipboard works

After downloading the app and creating a free account, you choose categories you want to show up on your Flipboard. The categories house the latest articles and publications that are newsworthy. The categories you choose will show up on a virtual, interactive magazine for you to easily flip through. You can choose to include social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, which also will show up one your Flipboard.

Example of my Flipboard on my phone

Example of my Flipboard on my phone

If you don’t find a category you are looking for or want to focus on a specific topic, you have the option to search anything from hashtags to websites to further narrow the information.

You have the option to create your own magazine(s), outside your Flipboard, with the content you liked the most so you can revisit them anytime. You can create multiple magazines with different topics and discussions.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.51.20 AM

How to navigate your Flipboard


Where is Flipboard available to download? It can be downloaded straight to your smart phone or tablet:

  • Apple app store
  • Google play
  • Windows store
  • Blackberry world

Use Flipboard as a widget or profile badge to share your Flipboard on your website or blog to promote your findings and increase your traffic on the web.

Why Download the App?

As students pursuing a career in journalism, PR, advertising and other areas in a media-driven society, knowing what is happening around you is important. Consider downloading Flipboard so you can stay connected and push out compeling content.

NEWSPA Preview

7 04 2014

by Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

The annual spring conference of the Northeastern Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association, or as it is more commonly known around here, NEWSPA, is this Wednesday, April 9. Here is a brief run-down of what to expect.

NEWSPA is one of three statewide organizations for high school journalists. The UW Oshkosh Department of Journalism sponsors the conference, and faculty and students participate in some sessions.

There are impressive speakers with helpful information for prospective journalists in any area of journalism. This year there are two presenters coming from out of state to speak at the conference.

For the keynote panel session, all four of the participants are working at impressive jobs, having gotten to where they are before age 30. The speakers will share ideas and insights of how today’s students can get their dream job, and get it soon.

NEWSPA has three time periods with 40-minute sessions for a total of 40 sessions throughout the day. Speakers will cover an array of topics from Taking Your Newspaper From Print to Online, to Photoshop Tips and Tricks. The sessions will include pointers for students to be successful both in college and in getting internships.

The conference also conducts high school newspaper and yearbook competitions judged by professionals. There were more than 600 entries this year with 300 first-, second- and third-place awards being presented in the closing ceremonies. The judges provide feedback so the students can learn and improve in the future.

NEWSPA can also benefit the students of UWO by giving them the opportunity to meet professionals in their field and learn their secrets to success. This also gives them the chance at building relationships and possible networking for the future.

The 2014 NEWSPA conference sessions on Wednesday will be in Reeve Memorial Union. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m.

“The Rape Joke”

22 03 2014

by Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

Have you ever gotten chills reading a story? A story so well written and so moving that you sit and stare at it after you have finished just to recompose your thoughts? That was my reaction to reading “The Rape Joke” written by Tanvi Kumar, a student at Fond du Lac High School.

the rape joke

The story has sparked a controversy at the school and beyond, but unfortunately it is not for how well it was written. It is mainly about because the principal and the superintendent had concerns about the story, and decided to enforce prior restraint on stories that will be published in the Cardinal Columns, the school newspaper.

UW Oshkosh journalism associate professor Vince Filak has been interviewed a couple of times regarding the controversy and feels passionate about it.

“This young lady did an incredible job of writing about an incredibly sensitive topic in an extremely restrained way and still gave people the facts they needed to be able to form an opinion, and to punish the newspaper for it is pretty gutless,” Filak said.

He said the story was well written and could be considered for a writing award.

“They really painstakingly wrote it and they put forth a piece that I think is an award-winning piece,” he said. “I think this could be a story of the year for high school publications.”

UWO law and ethics Professor Mike Cowling said students have freedom of speech so long as the stories published do not disrupt the educational process or are not considered to be obscene, indecent or vulgar.

“Court rulings have said that high school students have free speech rights,” Cowling said. “They can make political statements, they can do things as long as it’s not disruptive to the student environment.”

Cowling said school administrators, who are considered to be the publishers of most high school newspapers, have a legal right to determine what is acceptable and what is not for the publication.

“The top administrator is considered to be the publisher, as you would have at a newspaper, so he or she can say ‘we’re not going to run this’ and, in essence, have a right to do so,” Cowling said. He cited a United States Supreme Court ruling in the 1988 case of Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier in which the justices said school-sponsored student publications can be censored for legitimate educational concerns.

Barb Benish, UWO adjunct instructor and executive secretary of  the Northeastern Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association (NEWSPA), has added a session to the NEWSPA spring conference called “Prior Review: What to do if it Happens to You.” The session brings in the writer of the story and other members of the Cardinal Columns publication to talk about how they took a stand. Professor Cowling will also be there to discuss the legal aspects.

The students started a petition that generated about 4,500 signatures in a little more than a week.

Tell us your thoughts on the story, the reactions and how you think the situation will turn out.

International Day of Happiness

19 03 2014

By Nicole Kiefert (@nicole_kiefert)

March 20 is a twofold day of things that should make you feel good. On calendars it is the official first day of spring, and after our latest winter everyone is probably extremely excited for the seasons to change. March 20 also marks a fairly new holiday called the International Day of Happiness.

History of Happiness Day

The International Day of Happiness may sound like something that should’ve been celebrated since the beginning of time, if not every day of your lives, but this day was officially started in June of 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly that believed “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.”

The holiday was started to spread the awareness of how important happiness and general well-being are to human life. With money and power becoming so essential in the world, it is important for us to take a step back and realize that all we really need is our health and our happiness to get by.

How You Can Spread Happiness

The first step on the main page of the U.N. website is to vote on whether you think wealth or happiness is more important. Eighty-seven percent of the people who have voted feel that happiness is more important, which means the International Day of Happiness has started to spread. The goal of the day is to reclaim happiness around the world. You can also find out how to get more involved from the website. One of the ways it is attempting to hit its goal is by having people send in photos of things that make them happy and using #happinessday.

UWO is taking part in the International Day of Happiness and we want your help. On March 20, tweet us pictures of things that make you happy or tell us what you do to make others smiling using the #UWOspreadshappiness.


Smiling Students at UWO

In honor of International Happiness Day, I asked a couple of students at UW Oshkosh how they maintained and spread their happiness to others.

UWO nursing student Leanne Neu said her friends and family make her happiest.
“I would say I’m happy when I’m with friends or my family,” Neu said. “And I think warm weather, like summer. Country music always puts me in a good mood, too. Specifically Luke Bryan and the big poster I have of him. And sleeping in now that I think of it.”

Leo Costello, a journalism major, said easygoing people with a sense of humor make him happy.
“When people have a sense of humor that allows them to laugh at anything,” he said. “Also people who don’t take life too seriously.”

Abby Schwartz, a junior at UWO and a physical therapy major, agreed that her family and friends make her happy.
“My family and friends, of course,” Schwartz said. “But I’m sure everybody says that. Petting dogs and working out make me happy too.”

Scott Bellile, another journalism major, said finishing a task or goal and feeling a sense of accomplishment is what really makes him happy.
“As a journalism student, I feel relieved but also proud when a writing assignment I’ve spent a week working on is sent off, ready for the web or a newspaper page,” Bellile said. “This also applies to finishing a homework assignment or cleaning my room, but the tasks that take extra motivation leave me with a great feeling when they’re finished.”

There are plenty of ways to express your happiness and UWO has students with a wide variety of ways to show just how happy they are.

Neu said she expresses happiness by smiling.
“Smiling, smiling is my favorite.” She said. “Sorry, that was from ‘Elf.’ But I do smile and laugh a lot. I sing badly to music when I’m happy. How do you express happiness…? I don’t know, I just do.”

Aside from smiling, Schwartz said she also likes to dance around her house to loud music.
“Well laughing and smiling are always signs that you’re happy,” She said. “But I also like to blast music and dance around my house and sing… badly.”

Costello said, “I generally just act in a good mood and I try to entertain people.”

Bellile said he can range from a laid-back happiness to an extreme ball of energy.
“When expressing my happiness, depending on the appropriate setting,” Bellile said. “I’ll either relax and smile or I’ll spring off the walls exploding with energy. “

The goal of International Happiness Day is not only to be happy, but to spread happiness. The UWO students also told us how it is they make sure others are happy.

Neu said she is generally a nice person and doesn’t like to make people upset in the first place.
“I try to make others happy by trying to be a nice person,” Neu said. “I don’t like confrontation so I pretty much try to please everyone. I like to quote movies to make people smile.”

Schwartz spreads happiness by making other people smile.
“Singing really well to them, obviously.” Schwartz said with a laugh. “Doing nice things for people or telling them stories about funny things that happened to me.”
Knowing how it feels to have a happy person come up and have a conversation with you to turn your mood around, Bellile tries to approach people just to talk and make them happy.

“I always try to express a positive attitude toward others,” Bellile said. “Some people just won’t care, but I assume others will appreciate it, because I know I feel great when I have a nice conversation with an upbeat person.”

Campus Release of Adobe Creative Cloud

17 03 2014

By: Andrea Larson (@andrea_larson_)

We have great resources at UW Oshkosh, but some students don’t know they have access to programs they can receive at a discounted price. I want to share one of these resources so students can start taking advantage of it while they can.

Being a journalism student, certain Adobe software programs are convenient to have on your personal computer so you can work from home or at an internship. Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to do this, and as a student you can get this program at a discounted price.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud? It has the resources you need to craft amazing designs and visuals. You have all-access to the latest versions of Adobe professional creative desktop applications and receive new upgrades when they are available. These programs include:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.18.41 PM• Photoshop CC

• Illustrator CC

• InDesign CC

• Dreamweaver CC

• Adobe Premiere Pro CC

• After Effects CC

• Acrobat XI Pro

• Adobe Muse CC

• Bridge CCC

• Fireworks

• And much more

I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud so I could work on class projects from home and also for my personal use to receive more practice. What I like about it most is you can install only the applications you want and add more at a later date. You also don’t need ongoing Internet access when using the applications, just on the initial installment.

Cloud storage and file syncing capabilities allow you to reliably access your files wherever and whenever you want, even on your mobile devices. You have the option of installing only one app to your computer with the single app membership so you do not have to pay for the entire creative suite if that better suits your needs.

UW Oshkosh is hoping to have a full campus release soon, which will include Adobe Creative Cloud on all school-owned computers. In the meantime, download Adobe Creative Cloud to your personal computer and start learning all the applications by watching Lynda, a one-stop shop for online tutorials on these same programs.

If you are interested in installing Adobe Creative Cloud, refer to the visual below and click here:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.04.49 PM

Please note any university-issued computers get this software free, it only costs if you want it on your personal computer.

Click here to learn more about the programs included on Adobe Creative Cloud and comment below for questions and comments.


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